#HRSocialHour is Celebrating Holidays!



The 4th of July, Independence Day, is a federal holiday in the United States. Mary, Andrew, and all the good folks at SHRM are taking the day off to observe, but if you’re missing your #Nextchat fix for the week, join me for a very special edition of the #HRSocialHour at 3 PM Eastern (the regular #Nextchat time)!  We’ll be talking about holidays both from a professional and personal basis. If you haven’t taken part in one of our chats before, I promise you’ll have a great time and hopefully will make some new connections. 

Be sure to use the #HRSocialHour and #Nextchat hashtags in your answers.

Q1. What’s in your glass? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat

Q2. What’s the biggest #HR pain you get when it comes to holidays (staffing coverage, payroll/holiday pay, etc.)? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat

Q3. Is there a specific holiday/time of year that proves more challenging than the others for you from a business perspective? Why? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat

Q4. Without naming names, what’s the most unique holiday request you’ve ever received from an employee? How did you address it? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat

Q5. How does your organization/department celebrate holidays (if you’re office isn’t closed)? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat 

Q6. What’s your personal favorite holiday memory outside of work (or inside if you’d like)? Why? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat 

QTG. How can the #HRSocialHour community help you right now? #Nextchat 

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