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There is much to be said about an HR Department of One. As the lone resource for compliance, employee relations, administration and the occasional retirement party, no one day is ever the same. It would be delightful to roll back your chair and delegate a project, get some clarity on a problem or even just blow off some steam. These are the times that you wish that there was more than one of you. If only you had a team. The solution is not so hard to find. If you want a team, build it.  

A relationship with competent vendors is key to your success as an HRDOO. You may already have partners for areas like payroll, benefits, applicant tracking or safety, but are they still the best choice for your organization? Do you need to get better performance from them or could it be time for a replacement? There may also be partnerships that you have not yet considered. You have been handling this all on your own, but could benefit from help with performance management, wellness programs, leadership training or employee engagement. You can find those answers at the SHRM19 vendor exposition. While vendors bring the best swag, they also bring the best solutions. Take the time to research the companies that you would like to learn more about - even your current one - and find them at the expo. They would love to chat with you.

By definition an HRDOO is just that - one person. But no one ever said that you have to go it alone. There are others who share your daily challenges. Connecting with other HRDOO pros is not just affirming, it is chance to exchange information and ideas. Then there is the rest of the HR community. You can learn from the work and experiences of those who work in bigger departments, in specialty areas, execs, attorneys, consultants and others. The 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition (#SHRM19) will attract more than 20,000 HR professionals who can be a part of your team. But don’t wait until the conference to make introductions. Start now. Follow the SHRM hashtags on social media and reach out. Find colleagues from your industry, state or region to connect with. Just as you should with your session selections, go for folks who work in fields or have experiences that you never have, not just the ones with obvious similarities.

I love the challenge and autonomy of being an HRDOO but there are times when I need to lean on my squad. #SHRM19 is the best place to recruit all under one roof. Reflect on this last year and identify areas where you could have used some help or one that took up most of your time. Perhaps there is a topic that you are curious about. Maybe it's someone that you would just love to have a cup of coffee with. Seek them out with intention and initiate the conversation. Create the department of your dreams.

Please click here to learn more about the HR department of one sessions at #SHRM19.




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