HR Tools and Tech: Jobvite

Jobvite, an innovative and handy tool for recruiters, taps social networks to distribute and target job openings, while tracking the real-time value of job placement ads. In order to promote open positions, make referrals and find qualified candidates, this app leverages social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to send users job invitations, or “Jobvites”.  Recruiters and HR staff can track not only the jobs themselves, but the sources of referrals.

The site is mobile and computer accessible, as long as a Jobvite subscription has been purchased. The software uses an algorithm to determine those potential candidates that best meet the job qualifications. Recipients of the “Jobvites” can also pass along the message to others who they think might meet the qualifications, expanding the pool of candidates.

Here’s how it works: a participating employee opts into to the Jobvite service by logging into Facebook or Linkedin via the Jobvite site. Jobvite then analyzes their Facebook friends and 1st-degree LinkedIn contacts, analyzing the skills they list, their job titles and companies and other relevant information. The software matches this to the specific job description, which is then reported to the employee, who may choose whether or not to move forward by messaging the candidate via the said social media site. The recipient can then opt-in to forward the message to their contacts based on the matching feature.

“In a world in which the job seeker is changing,” says Dan Finnigan, CEO of Jobvite, “It’s obvious the backend side of e-recruitment is going to change.” 

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