HR Tools and Tech: HR At Your Fingertips

HR At Your Fingertips is an essential mobile app for any HR professional who is consistently on the go. Isn’t everyone these days? This app contains a glossary of HR terms, Federal laws and a guide on how to create an employee handbook, allowing quick and easy access to information from your pocket.

Managing human resources can be a complicated and essential task for small business owners and corporate HR professionals; one that often requires on-the-spot access to company policies, terms and employment laws. To help you address these issues, leading HR expert HRSentry has created HR At Your Fingertips. This application can be downloaded for both iPhones and iPads. The application features:

  • Over 270 terms and definitions
  • Essential federal law definition, qualifying events and exceptions
  • Complete guide to creating a compliant employee handbook
  • Resources kept up to date by a dedicated team of HR professionals. 

To find out more information, visit HR at Your Fingertips.


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