HR Technology: The Future is Here

Thanks to mobile technology, we can now find anything we want, anytime, anywhere. In fact, Google has reported that “near me” searches—queries that use mapping technology to help us quickly locate our closest post offices, restaurants, shops and more—are 34 times more popular than they were in 2011. A review of the billions of these searches revealed an interesting finding with particular implications for HR: More people are searching for “jobs near me.”

Today, even finding a job must be a simple search-and-click away.

This poses a tremendous opportunity for HR to connect with talent. Innovations in recruiting through social media platforms have also made it easier to find and hire great people. Most important, I believe that, as HR fully embraces these and other technological tools at our disposal, we will free ourselves up to focus on the strategy of our teams and organizations.

Fortunately, HR technology is advancing us in this direction. Read my take on how technology is changing the HR profession here

SHRM CEO, Hank Jackson



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