HR Technology Q & A with Jonathan Segal


With the HR Technology Conference (#HRTechConf) just around the corner, we're inviting our Next Official Bloggers to offer their perspective on how technology is impacting the profession today -- and their predictions for the future.

The following is a Q & A with Jonathan Segal


Q.   Everyone is talking about social recruiting. How important is it for employers to include a social media component in their recruiting strategies and why?  

JS:  Smart employers want to expand the applicant pool of talent. Social media can help reach passive job seekers and others whom the employer might not reach if it relied solely on other means to recruit!

Q.  What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding about social recruiting? 

JS:  I think the biggest mistake is the belief that there is an “on-off” switch when it comes to looking at public social media profiles, postings, tweets, etc. as part of screening process. There are risks and rewards and, if done right, the risks can be minimized and the rewards maximized!   Check out "Social Media Use in Hiring - Assessing the Risks." 

Q.  Now that everyone is using technology to find candidates, how can organizations use technology to attract them? 

JS:  We all have heard it said that a picture paints a thousand words. With that background, I have one word: Instagram.  Okay, I am a lawyer, so a few more.  Don’t include employees in an Instagram post without their written authorization.

Q.  Why is it important to make your career pages and application forms mobile friendly?  

JS:  Great question.  All generations use mobile devices, but if you want to attract Millennials -- and you do -- you better be mobile friendly.   

Q.  What's your HR technology trend prediction for 2015?  

JS:  I have no idea what 2015 will bring.  I believe it will be as different from 2014 as 2014 was from 2013.  As I write this, I fear I have just missed a new development.


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