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The 2017 Human Resource Executive 20th Annual HR Technology Conference takes place October 10-13 in Las Vegas.  As a 2017 HR Technology Conference Insiders Blogger, I interviewed several speakers to get their perspective on how technology and trends are impacting the HR profession.  I also reached out to a few young professionals - the future of HR -- to understand how their views on technology. 


Jazmine Wilkes is an HR Assistant at Valley Pizza, Inc. learning the ways of everything HR. Jazmine describes herself as an “HR Millennial Trying to Get It Right”. A rising star and young professional, you can read her take on HR on the HRJazzy Blog



Q.  As a young professional who recently experienced the college graduate job search, what advice do you have for employers when it comes to updating their talent acquisition processes or technology?

I believe employers need to be open to new age technology trends happening in the world. Young professionals just coming out of college are finding new ways to embrace the resume, the online job application portals, and socially connecting. Employers can no longer apply the same tactics of getting a job, young professionals are following companies on social media, giving them a glimpse into our educational background and decision making skills. We are essentially changing the employers successful recruiting tactics, and improving them, to become more open.  

Q.  As a busy HR professional which HR technology is most helpful to you now and why?

HR technology has become more advanced in the past few years, adding better systems to payroll functions, training, team building, employee files. Training has seen the greatest increase, personally for myself and my current company. Being able to track employees, helping them figure out exactly where they’re having problems, keep them on a scheduled time line, and providing them with quality information they always have access to in the system. I’m still doing a lot of my day to day paperwork without having HR technology vendors involved and for an HRNewbie, I think it’s wonderful as we are learning, but can also see the great improvements that having some of these systems in place will mean for the organization overall.

Q.  It is more important than ever for HR to make adjustments based on societal changes to attract and retain the best people. How can HR use technology to eliminate bias and create a more diverse future workforce?

I don’t believe HR or any department will be able to use technology to eliminate bias. At the end of the day, people are creating these systems, we are providing directions for this technology. We may cut out the bias of employers caring if the person hired is White, Black, Asian, Muslim, but what about another bias someone has to deal with? Companies are using certain information now, hiring employees on the basis that they match a skin tone needed in the office. I can’t see how technology would change this, if we are the ones building that technology.

Q.   HR leaders will need to begin investigating and testing new forms of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to deliver more value to their workplaces, such as chatbot assistants. How do you see AI making the HR profession more efficient and effective in the future?

Although I’m vary eerie of the future technology that seems to be coming, I think HR as a future will see a great influence from the Al. The amount of work that can go into having more hands on time with our employees and providing better training and response times would be ideal. We see how basic technology changes has improved our systems by creating a better turnaround time on application request, being socially involved with our communities, producing better report systems, the advancement employees being able to work at home alone, shows how technology will become even more efficient for everyday life. We know technology has the ability to become more efficient and effective, the question we have to answer is, will we (HR) be ready to accept these changes.

Q.  As technology continues to evolve, what do you think the future of HR will look like?  

The future to technology in HR is going to be amazing. I truly believe that with technology, we will be able to focus more on the human aspect of our job. One of the main reasons people enter the field of HR is because we want to help people. Whether it be our employees, our executives, others aspiring to obtain a job, newbies coming into the field. It’s all about the people, and technology is helping us get back to where we’ve been trying to go. We are able to create connections through technology that is sometimes mind blowing. Personally, I don’t think I would be where I am in my career without social media and the help I’ve received from other professionals, and social media is only a small part of the technology spectrum when we talk about the future. Human Resources is coming back to our roots, but we’re doing it with the tools available to make us better than ever.  




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