HR Tech Vendors - Are You Listening?

On October 14 #Nextchat with special guest Steve Boese asked several questions regarding HR Technology in the Next Five Years.

The last question focused on HR's wish list for future technology and HR professionals were happy to chime in.  HR technology vendors, are you listening? 

Q. What is your one wish for your ideal HR technology solution that you’d love to see created by 2020?  



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Four future wishes:

1. A shift back to best-in-breed. A unified solution is really an on-premise cost of ownership and data integration issue. Create an intelligence front layer that integrates sign-on and data, and let businesses pick best of breed again. Let's move away from everything being mediocre.

2. Predictive Analytics that don't just tell you which risk class an employee is in, but actually can tell you why and what to do about it.

3. Benefits management for the part-time worker in the new 'share economy'.

4. Vertical-specific functionality.

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