HR News for February 11, 2015


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Textual Feelings in the Workplace

By Donald D. Gamburg  © 2015 Ogletree Deakins  2/9/2015

Electronic communications can play a significant role in romantic relationships. Employers have been confronting, with increasing regularity, the impact of these communications in the workplace. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there is no better time to ensure that your policies, agreements, and training properly minimize employer liability associated with these communications.

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Lessons Learned from Anthem Data Breach

Experts say HR should be vigilant about protecting HR data, especially at rest

By Aliah D. Wright  2/10/2015

It’s being called the largest data-breach disclosure by a health care company ever.

As many as 80 million customers and the company’s employees have had their employment data, addresses, Social Security numbers, and birth dates stolen. According to news reports, the parent company of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, Anthem Inc., has already been sued over the breach.

What’s more, thieves are now trying to scam the victims further via e-mail and by telephone, claiming to be Anthem and asking victims to provide additional information either over the phone or by clicking on bogus links in e-mails.

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Pharmacist with Needle Phobia Awarded $2.6M

By Allen Smith  2/10/2015

The failure to list the ability to administer immunizations as an essential function in a pharmacist’s job description contributed to the pharmacist winning an Americans with Disabilities Act claim that he was fired for his needle phobia. A federal jury awarded the pharmacist $2.6 million on Jan. 22, 2015.

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Workplace First Aid Kit Standard Expanded

Two classes of first aid kits introduced

By Roy Maurer  2/10/2015

The industry consensus standard on workplace first aid kits has been revised to meet the needs of more-diverse worksites, according to the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), the organization responsible for the changes.

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Falling Oil Prices Prompt Surge of Job Cuts

By Roy Maurer  2/10/2015

Planned job cuts for January 2015 reached a two-year high, with 40 percent of those attributable to cost-cutting in the energy sector, according to global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc.

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Top Talent Management Trends for India in 2015

By Sharad Verma  2/10/2015

As the business environment has improved, most businesses are looking for growth drivers.

Identifying top talent—critical employees with unique skills and the leaders of tomorrow—has meant looking at new solutions and offerings, redefining competitive advantage, restructuring as well as strategic talent management.

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Recruiting and Retaining People with Disabilities

By Roy Maurer  2/9/2015

The White House announced Feb. 3, 2015, the release of a new resource guide for employers related to the employment of people with disabilities. The guide is a federal interagency effort full of tips on how to legally and proactively recruit, retain and promote workers with disabilities.

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