HR Networking: Pay it Forward #SHRM16


It’s been about 30 days since about 14,000 of us (give or take a few) made the trek back from SHRM’s 2016 annual conference.  In one way it seems hard to believe it’s been that long.  On the flip side, it seems a distant memory.  I am left, however with a strong yet gentle reminder of the warmth and spirit of collegiality.  I am reminded to learn from others who so readily share their knowledge, experience and expertise.  The generosity of others reminds me to pay it forward, each and every day.  How?

  •  LinkedIn Endorsements – Pay it forward.  Endorse a colleague.  Not in return for their endorsement of you but pay it forward when another colleague endorses you.   Be genuine and accurate.  Take a peek at your endorsements.  Are you endorsed for KSA’s you don’t really have? Endorse others for KSA’s that you have personally observed.  Enhance your own and your colleague’s credibility.
  •  Share Job Opportunities – When an HR opportunity crosses your desk pay it forward; share it with your HR network and colleagues. Yes, even if it’s a job you really, really want. May the best candidate win!
  •  Share your own KSA’s – I am so grateful to and for colleagues who selflessly share their own work product.  Remember ATP and STP? Advance the Profession and Support the (HR) Professional.  Why reinvent the wheel?  If I have a sample policy, program or practice that could be helpful to a colleague, don’t hold it so close to the vest.  Let go! Share. Of course not in violation of any proprietary rights of your employer. When in doubt, ask.
  •  Refer prospective clients to SME’s – We live and work in a competitive world.  Each and every prospective new client or customer is important. Having said that, if a prospective client has a need that is not directly in our wheelhouse, refer it out. Enhance your own credibility with candor about what is not within your own area of specialization.  Enhance your visibility as a credible resource so the next time the prospective client has a need that does match your area of practice or expertise odds are they will think of you, your candor and honesty.
  •  Just Ask If you have a need don’t be shy about reaching out to colleagues.  It’s OK to say, “I don’t know.” That’s my second most common answer after, “It depends.”  If someone turns you away when you ask for help, that’s OK.  Just cross them off your list of resources and reach out to another.  Over time, you will likely develop a warm and wonderful list of trusted colleagues with whom you can share, ask questions, pay it forward and learn!
  •  Volunteer! – We’re all swamped. No matter how much one professes about how busy s/he is I suspect we’re all treading water at a nearly equal pace.  So finding time to volunteer even more of your time is daunting.  But if you can, do so.  Serve as a peer mentor.  Serve as a volunteer leader with your SHRM State Council, chapter or any other organization. The rewards and relationship you build can last a lifetime!



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