HR, It’s Time to Update Your Wardrobe



I am not just being figurative, I am being literal. HR folks need to update their wardrobes. Let’s be leaders not laggards in corporate fashion and personal branding.

Let’s be clear, I am not suggesting you toss everything out, just get rid of some old things that you hold near and dear, and replace them with something new. I must be honest, I am guilty as charged on this one. I love my black pants and Polo button downs. Recently I went thru my closet (a holiday tradition) to see what fit and what could be donated. I noticed I have held onto three Polo shirts that are more than a decade old and two sport jackets with buttons about to come off. The fact they all still fit is shocking. The shirts are like a security blanket for me and I always use the excuse they wash so well. The jackets are blue blazers that never seem to go out of style and can be worn all four seasons.

But, times change and so does your wardrobe, or at least it should. HR folks like comfort and consistency. I know there is a metaphor in this discussion, too.

So, I have done some shopping recently and swapped the Polo’s for Brooks Brothers tops. OK, you can call me conservative, except for my Night Ranger and Cheap Trick concert shirts that pop up occasionally with my gym or weekend attire, and my Lucky jeans that somehow don’t droop on my backside. But the new stuff fits and looks good, too!

Here is the thing, though. I feel different and energized in my new wardrobe additions. I am also sure my colleagues have noticed the refresh…and I am thinking about new stuff for my conference speaking schedule this spring, too. Sometimes it is the little changes that make the difference in your day.

The same thing can be said about old work habits. When is the last time you changed it up? Are you stuck in a routine and maybe don’t know it?

As 2018 is upon us this is a great time to make those small adjustments, whether it be your wardrobe or your personal work habits.

Like I said, don’t throw everything out. Just make a few additions and subtractions. I am sure you will be pleased with the results.

“Looking” forward to the new you in 2018!




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