HR in the Talent Economy

As business leaders, we keep a constant eye on the economy. How it grows, shrinks, overperforms or underperforms impacts our organizations. As HR professionals, we must also be aware of how the changing supply and demand of workers affects our companies’ ability to meet goals. This is the impact of what I call the talent economy—and it’s a volatile element.

Talent is now more global, mobile and social than ever before. The job market is stronger, and the competition for talent is intense. Today, if you ask any leader what is most important to business success, he or she will tell you it’s all about people—attracting, engaging and retaining them. In this environment, the competitive difference between the highest-performing companies and everyone else no longer lies just with technology or innovative products, but with exceptional people strategies.

As I write in this month’s issue of HR Magazine, demand for comprehensive talent management strategies is at an all-time high.

This is why, at SHRM, we are stepping up our efforts to help you find and attract top talent. You can expect more SHRM research, resources and events focused on talent acquisition in the year ahead—from our Talent Acquisition & Talent Management e-newsletter to our Talent Management Conference & Exposition, to be held April 18-20 in Orlando, Fla.

In today’s talent economy, HR is in the driver’s seat. Know that, along the way, you can turn to SHRM as a resource.



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