HR Evangelism!

When I look out today across the HR landscape, I see something that is a great opportunity! Those in the HR social media community have the chance to truly bridge the gap with the profession as a whole.

I love seeing the great work that others produce in their blogs, their books and in their presentations. There is an amazing amount of material out here that ranges from HR generalist topics to compliance to development. The spectrum is amazingly broad, but not that deep. I don’t mean that as a shot. I think that there are an incredible amount of HR pros who truly are longing for resources, but they aren’t connected to “us” or the work we’re producing.

You see, we tend to want people to “come see” what we do. Whether that be a blog, a webinar, or at events. I want to start a new movement where we PUSH resources out to HR professionals without worrying about membership or revenue. I also think we need to quit trying to qualify which “level” of HR person we should reach. When we splinter and categorize people into levels of importance or impact, we divide our profession – not bring it together.

There is a gap that exists between those in HR that truly have resources and connections, and those that continue to rely on their own efforts. It’s a HUGE number of people. I think we have an obligation to close this gap so that these folks can be great professionals in their corner of the HR Universe.

So, I have a plan. This isn’t just a random observation about our field. I plan to take to be an HR evangelist to truly bring the HR community together. It will take the effort of many, but I think it can be done. Here are the steps:

  • I am going to push other people’s great work out to the HR community through Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and other forums. I want people to have your work to see what’s being done, and done well.
  • I am going to continue to intentionally reach out to HR pros who aren’t as well known as others and ask them how they would like to get resources.
  • The focus is going to be on ALL HR professionals and not just those who are vocal and visible.
  • I am going to highlight the good work of others on my blog as they produce it like their books and events they produce.
  • I am going to continue to look for ways to inform, educate and encourage HR pros to get connected where it makes sense for them.
  • I will not do this on a short-term basis. This will be my intention going forward.
  • I will highlight the passion of others to show how HR can be relevant personally, professionally and throughout all businesses and industries.

This is meant to be intentional and ungovernable. It is meant to be persistent and far reaching. It is meant to wake up the HR community and get them jacked up about who we are and what we do. I’m like the Dancing Guy in the First Follower video. A friend of mine shared this with me and said, “The video made me think of you.” The question is . . . who’s going to follow?



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