#Nextchat: HR and Recruiting -- Contestants in an Amazing Race?

On the reality TV series “The Amazing Race” teams of of two people compete in a race around the world as they battle to arrive first at specific destinations and hope to avoid elimination from the competition by completing tasks that test their strength logic, courage and ability to negotiate. The interesting twist on the show is that the two people on each team have some sort of pre-existing personal relationship; spouses, friends, parent/child, etc. These relationships, with their accompanying histories and backstories, add depth to the inevitable drama that arises during trying circumstances.

Sounds similar to what can happen when HR practitioners and recruiters team up together. 

Recruiters and HR practitioners often find themselves locked in an endless battle based on mutual distrust, dislike and downright avoidance yet these two groups need to work as partners – not adversaries - in order to accomplish their shared goal of hiring and retaining great talent. Whether one believes that Recruiting should be part of the HR Department or not it’s critical that practitioners in both areas understand each other in order to work together more effectively.  After all, with shared understanding both HR practitioners and recruiters can build effective relationships with hiring managers, candidates, and employees while delivering value to their organizations.

Please join @WeKnowNext at 3 p.m. ET on Feb. 26 for #Nextchat, with special guest Robin Schooling (@RobinSchooling), managing director/consultant at Silver Zebras. We’ll take a look at some critical areas where the gap can be closed to make that sure HR and Recruiting can "win the race" together.

Q1:  Should recruiting be part of HR?  Why or why not?

Q2:  Many HR departments operate with a "staffing" model versus recruiting.  Is this an issue?   

Q3:  What does HR do/not do that impedes the ability of recruiters to do their job?

Q4:  What do recruiters (in-house or third party) do that HR practitioners do not like or understand?

Q5:  Should in-house recruiters have access to employee HR data?  Why or why not?

Q6:  Who has responsibility for employee retention? HR?  Recruiting? Should they?

Q7:  Do HR and Recruiting measure the same things?  What should they measure?

Q8:  Recruiters focus quite a bit on employer brand. What is HR’s role and do they help or hinder efforts?

Q9:  HR pros – what will strengthen YOUR relationship with recruiters?  Recruiters – what will strengthen YOUR relationship with HR?

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