HR Advocacy: Help Shape the Workplace

Numerous employment, labor and employee benefit laws regulate the American workplace.  Human resource professionals conduct business daily within this framework. But what if HR professionals helped shape these very laws and regulations?  
Given HR’s unique knowledge and experience of implementing these laws within their organizations, wouldn’t their influence make for better HR public policy?  The answer is unequivocally YES, which is why the role of an HR Advocate is so important.
But what does being an HR ADVOCATE entail?  Consider these key elements of the job:
  • Activism – Engaging policymakers to show how legislative proposals will impact your organization and employees helps shape the final proposal.
  • Democracy – Participating in the public policy process many not be pretty at times (think of making sausage!), but it is critical to our democracy.
  • Voice – Using your voice to ensure the HR perspective is heard on issues that affect the workplace not only influences the outcome, but helps elevate the HR profession.
  • Opinions – Gathering important research and information to inform your opinions on key HR issues demonstrates you have “done your homework.”
  • Champion – Championing an issue important to HR showcases your commitment to the profession, your employees and your organization.
  • Advisor – Advising policymakers on HR public policy issues highlights the profession’s thought leadership and your value as a subject matter expert.
  • Trusted – Communicating openly and honestly with policymakers helps develop a trusted relationship, whereby your input on issues is welcomed and valued.
  • Experience – Sharing your actual experiences as an HR professional helps fill an educational void, given few policymakers have an HR background.
Join HR advocacy in action at the SHRM Employment Law and Legislative Conference. I look forward to welcoming both new and seasoned HR advocates to our nation’s capital in a few weeks as we canvass Capitol Hill.
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