How to Share the #SHRM16 Experience via Snapchat

According to the “bible of the internet,” otherwise known as Google, the definition of a “story” is a description, either true or imagined, of a connected series of events. Don’t you love a good story?  I know I do.  In the social media realm, a story can be told via a series of posts, tweets or images.  One of the coolest things about Snapchat is its “My Story” feature.

A Snapchat Story is a series of photos or videos that you post within a 24-hour period of time.  During that 24-hour period, all the snaps—whether they are videos or photos—that you post specifically to your “My Story” feed are viewable by your followers in the order that you posted them.  Each of the snaps in your Story will vanish 24 hours from the time it was originally posted.  If you continuously post your snaps to “My Story,” you’ll create a constantly updated feed for your followers to enjoy.

Create a Story

To create a Story, take a photo or video and then tap the rectangle icon with a plus sign located on the bottom of your screen.  See the screenshot below.

On the next screen, you will see a list of Snapchat Stories that you can add your content to.  See the screenshot below for examples. 

Tap "My Story" and any of the other Stories that appear if you want to add your snap to them as well.  

In the screenshot above, I could post my snaps to both “My Story” and “New York Story,” if I wanted to.

Next, at the bottom of the screen, tap the arrow pointing to the right.  See the screenshot below.

Once you've pressed this, you have posted your snap to your Stories feed.  It will exist in your feed for 24 hours.

Another way to create a Story is to take the photo or video and proceed to the "Send to..." tab.  Tap the circle next to "My Story." You will also have the option to choose which friends you want to receive your Snap individually.

Repeat the steps above for all your subsequent Snaps, and soon your Story will be well populated!

Delete a Snap Within Your Story

To delete the snap from your Story, go to your "Stories" screen and tap the three dots located on the right side of the top of your screen, on the same line as “My Story.”  All the snaps you posted will appear in a list below “My Story.”

Tap on the snap you want to delete.    When it appears full screen, you’ll see a Trash Can icon on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.   Tap the Trash Can and your snap will be deleted.  On the gear icon next to your Story, tap "Delete."

View Stories

To view Stories, swipe right inside Snapchat until you arrive on the Stories screen.  Your friends and followers’ Stories will appear in a list.  Scroll down through that list and tap on a Story you want to see. 

Note: Recent updates to your friends and followers’ Stories appear first in the list.




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