How to Keep from Struggling in Your Working Life

Many of have struggled with our “purpose” in life. We have struggled with answering the question “Are we in the right job?” I certainly have. Part of me wants to write. As a result of that I have been following a writer by the name of Jeff Goins for several years. I have been following him in order to become a better blog writer. You can imagine my surprise then when a friend of mine, Bill Ramsey, who has a podcast told me he had interviewed Jeff Goins for his podcast, even though Bill primarily focuses on the field of photography. I expressed an interest in the podcast and Bill graciously offered to share it with me so I can share it with you. Below is the introductory remarks Bill wrote and then a link to the podcast. I whole-heartedly recommend this to you if you have ever struggled with the question of whether you are in the right career or job and wonder if there is another “calling” for you.

Bill Ramsey’s intro

When you consider your work; do you “go to a job,” or do you “live your calling?”

If your work now is different than you’d always planned, have you missed what you are meant to do? Are concepts like “calling” and “meant to do” only applicable to persons of faith? Is it possible to listen to the story your life is telling you, and thereby understand the work that would really satisfy?

I recently interviewed Mr. Jeff Goins, Best-Selling Author of The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do. Below is an excerpt from that conversation. In it, Jeff explains WHY he wrote the book, and how “calling” is normally something for which we didn’t plan.


. . . I interviewed hundreds of people who had similar stories. And the most fascinating thing about that experience was . . . there were certain underlying themes. And one of those underlying themes was my “calling.” Everybody would say this about his or her experience:

“My calling was not the thing that I planned for. It wasn’t the life that I had hoped for when I was ten years old or twenty, thirty, or forty, whatever. In many ways, my calling was the thing that happened when the plan went horribly wrong.” 

And I wrote the book because I didn’t hear a lot of people talking about things like purpose and location and how to find your dream job in those kinds of terms. And yet when I talk to people who are living their dreams and we really got down to it, got down to the story behind the story, I said,

“Did you really plan for this? Did you know that this was what you wanted to do?”

Because frankly, I think there’s so many books on the self-help bookshelf that say, “Hey just plan it, figure out what you want, plan it and go do it!”

And the reality is life doesn’t work that way, and I wanted to write a book that appealed to ME; somebody whose life is kind of messy and [there are] things that I don’t plan for–unexpected, sometimes tragic, other times just unfortunate. Circumstances happen all the time. What does purpose look like for the rest of us? For those of us who aren’t type A, have everything worked out, or just looking at our life and we’re going,

“What do I do with this because this looks like something less than extraordinary?”

And that’s why I wrote the book.

The podcast

Listen to the entire conversation here:

As Bill says, it will likely be a conversation you will want to listen to many times.


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