How to Drop Dead at the Office

Work habits of leaders tend to filter down through the troops. That is why it is important for leaders to develop a productive and positive work style. Motivated to please their boss, employees may unconsciously emulate their leader’s positive and negative work styles. Unfortunately, I have met leaders who make you think they would rather work, work, work and eventually drop dead at their desk rather than in the loving arms of their spouse or close family member.

To save your life and break the allure of the Type A Alpha work style, I have compiled a list of unhealthy work styles to avoid. If you find your work habits on this list, you might be shortening your time here on Earth.  On the other hand, if you want to drop dead at the office, follow these work habits:

1. Find and stay at a toxic workplace; surround yourself with bossholes and negative coworkers.

2. Never say no to any request.

3. Always eat at your desk and get more work done.

4. Don't make friends at work just in case they suffer a mental breakdown, resign or experience an involuntary jobectomy.  

5. Work overtime most every week because your career is more important than spending quality time with your family.

6. Don't use your paid time off; it shows your dedication to your toxic workplace.

7. Put your career before friends and family; they can see you after you retire.

8. Hold onto your anger when toxic leaders assault you.

9. Do not pursue your career passion; work at a job you hate.

10. Avoid the doctor's office; you really shouldn't use your sick time.

Of course, I'm not serious. However, if you work like this you may be shortening your life span and making the people you love miserable. Do your part in making the office a great place to work because people are observing your work style.

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