How to Comply with I-9 Requirements for Remote Workers



As more companies hire remote workers, they have likely come across one of the more vexing Form I-9 compliance issues—how to verify a remote employee's work authorization documents within the required three-day deadline?

"In my experience, there is one I-9 dilemma which trumps all others," said John Fay, vice president and general counsel at the LawLogix division of Hyland Software, headquartered in Phoenix, a company that specializes in cloud-based I-9, E-Verify and immigration compliance services. "How in the world can you complete an I-9 form for a newly hired individual who lives hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your nearest office or location, is unable to visit a hiring or HR manager anytime soon, and as it turns out, is super important and must begin work as soon as possible?"

Employers hiring remote workers don't get any kind of break from the requirements. They are expected to verify employment eligibility by reviewing original documents in person with the employee and completing the Form I-9 within three business days of the new hire's start date.

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