How an HR Department Can Save 1,000+ Hours by Automating Employment and Income Verifications


Q & A Session with Gabriella DeFlorio, Marketing Manager, Truework

Can you tell me about Truework and how it is different from other employment & income verification services?

We are modernizing the way employment & income verifications are handled. Truework drastically improves verification speed, security, and the overall employee experience in comparison to the industry standard. Truework's employment & income verification product is powered by task automation technology- decreasing the amount of HR tasks by eliminating unnecessary cumbersome paperwork, calls, and overarching communication with verifiers. Our underlying mission is to ensure employee data privacy and security

On an average how much time is spent on employment & income verifications? How does Truework help in this respect?

Currently, the industry standard for HR to complete an employment or income verification is 20 minutes per verification, adding up to hundreds of hours spent on verifications per month. Truework transforms this HR headache into a seamless process by removing the old-age redundant paperwork, calls, emails, faxes and overall communication, necessary to complete these verifications today.

Once implemented, HR teams are able to leverage Truework for all employment and income verifications and letters. Truework handles all of the verifications in a timely and secure manner, meanwhile ensuring accuracy and the best employee experience. Furthermore, employees are able to receive their crucial employment verification within hours, much faster than the industry standard of about three weeks. In addition, proof of employment letters are produced instantly and completely by employees through a self-service automated portal on the Truework website.

Overall Truework saves HR departments 1,000+ hours per year through technology-driven verifications and eliminating the multiple redundancies within the current outdated process.

How do you ensure data privacy in this fully automated digital era?

Through being technology driven, Truework is able to provide control and security overall employee data, so that sensitive information does not get placed in the wrong hands during paper and phone distribution. To ensure top-security standards we place complete encryption on all employee data and only pass along information to verifiers after employee confirmation. Within all of these processes, our practices comply with all federal and state laws & security policies - SOC 2/3, ISO, and many more.

What are the main challenges you have faced in automating the employment verification process?

The main challenge of automating the employment verification process is keeping people informed and continuously educated on where their sensitive data is going. Currently, there are alternative solutions in the market (Equifax, etc.) that sell and release sensitive employee data to unknown third parties (debt collectors, etc.), without notification to the data owners or employers. We hope to change the way that this employee data is handled through providing complete data transparency within the process. More specifically, we hope to secure this data, firstly, by informing and educating all employers on this negligent handling of employee data and secondly, handling all employee data with the highest security precautions.

 What can people expect from the Truework booth at the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition?

Stop by the Truework booth (#2161) to learn if you are unknowingly putting employees at risk for a data breach through our complimentary HR security check. Expect to be educated around how your employment data is handled, how you can save HR costs, and save crucial HR time & security by automating employment and income verifications through Truework. Not to mention, we will be raffling prizes throughout the conference!



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