From the CEO: How HR Can Live Up to Its Name

It seems as if we learn of a new scientific or technological breakthrough every day—something that allows us to do more, faster and with greater ease. But for HR professionals, each innovation warrants tough questions: What does it mean for my company and the people whose jobs depend on the legacy processes? And what does it mean for our profession?

Last year, two demographic researchers estimated that 47 percent of all American jobs will be replaced by machines or software in the next one to two decades. One futurist predicts that 2 billion jobs worldwide will disappear by 2030. This is a sweeping transformation for which people, businesses and even nations are not prepared.

I believe this is the time for the HR profession to double down on the “human” in human resource management and live up to our name like never before.

Learn why in this month’s issue of HR Magazine.

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