How Betterworks is Transforming Workforce Performance Management #SHRM19

Employee evaluations. We’ve been talking about the death of the evaluation for a long time, but, like many habits, this is one that is dying slowly. This may be due to the fact that many HR pros and managers feel like performance management is just something that “must” be done because we’ve always done it. But is there anyone who enjoys this process? Or even finds it valuable? I think many of us want to do something different, but haven’t been sure how to make the change or take the leap and say “Yes We Can” do something else.

Betterworks has the answer for you. Betterworks has spent the past five years building the software and solutions your organization needs to implement an effective Continuous Performance Management® process. Their software will help your employees understand how their  work impacts the bigger picture and the strategic goals of your organization. It also helps your managers engage in their employee’s growth by providing a mechanism for regular feedback around performance, goals and development.

And isn’t this what some of us have been talking about? It’s about building a relationship with your employees and providing ongoing feedback for continuous improvement (and no that’s not just a “millennial thing”). But as we are asked to do more with less, and ask supervisors to take on more and more employees, we all need a better way to keep track of those employees so people managers aren’t spending most of their time on the superstars and problems. Many of your employees are coming in, getting the job done and heading home with little to no guidance. Wouldn’t it be great to have an application to help bump that up?

The great thing about Betterworks is they don’t just tell others how to do this, they practice what they preach. In my conversation with Betterworks’ CHRO Diane Strohfus, they leverage their own product, called Champagne, to help their workforce navigate company priorities, all while helping today’s companies move in the direction of Continuous Performance Management®.

Betterworks will be at #SHRM19 in the vendor expo (booth #3439 near the HR Tech Solutions Theater). Diane will be presenting at the tech theater on Monday June 24 at 3:00 p.m. on “Continuous Performance Management in the Flow of Work.” Be sure to check out the presentation and their booth to learn more about how Betterworks can support your organization.


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