Hold Your Fire!

Just this week I heard of companies with 80%, 65%, and 45% turnover. There are some industries that in order to be competitive as a business, the employer has to pay low wages and the nature of the work is not exactly appealing. Turnover will be high in those industries, but not THAT HIGH!

Why is turnover so high? Employees are resigning AND being terminated. 

Therefore, just as we reduce resignations to reduce turnover, we can reduce terminations to reduce turnover. Hear me out.

Employees quit for common reasons that employers can address!

  1. Bosses - Get better bosses and better relationships!
  2. Burnout – Be respectful of their time.
  3. Bullies – Thoroughly investigate and swiftly discipline bullies.
  4. Challenge – Coach, mentor, and train.
  5. Potential – Examine and refine succession plans, create internal and external job enlargement!
  6. Recognition – Say thank you and pat somebody on the back more frequently!
  7. Money – I won’t insult you.

Employees are fired for common reasons that employers can control!

Dishonesty – Thoroughly screen resumes and applications before you hire a liar! (It is actually okay to call a registrar’s office before hire, shhhh…)

Insubordination – This usually has to do with number 1, 2, 3, or 7! “They don’t pay me enough…” Sound familiar?

Getting along – (See #3 above)!

Performance – There are too many ways to test a person’s ability to perform before they come in the door. This is tied to numbers 2, 4, and 6 in the list above!

Absenteeism – Some people are bad apples, but some people need time off to heal, recover, reset, rejuvenate, renew. Give it to them!

Illegal Stuff – Some folks just gotta get fired. You can’t show up to work drunk, high, wasted, harassing or bullying your coworkers. That is unless you’re in show business, then give that person a bonus!!



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