Hits and Misses of Virtual Recruiting Events


Recruiting events are a powerful tool to engage with your talent pipeline and set your employer brand apart. With so many people working from home, most talent acquisition has moved online. This shift is not temporary: it’s projected that 80 percent of recruiting events will be virtual for the foreseeable future. Online recruitment isn’t going anywhere, so it's time we look at long-term solutions that work for your employer and provide a great candidate experience.

Since that’s easier said than done, I wanted to give you a place to start. I’m sharing my best advice for hosting a successful recruiting event, virtually.

These are some of the most common mistakes I’ve seen with virtual recruiting events and how to avoid them:

  • Cutting corners on event materials. Banners, swag bags, virtual backgrounds – now is the time to get your candidates excited working with you and your team. These small but memorable details can encourage candidates to continue the process. After all, they’re interviewing you just as much as you’re interviewing them.
  • Not using attendee data. Not tracking candidate data is only doing you a disservice. Check-in and check-out times help you gauge the interest or success of different sessions. Tracking communication or interview touchpoints help you identify candidates to move along in the process. This information is crucial, especially when a hiring manager wants to reach out to a specific candidate.
  • Overwhelming candidates with recruiters. This can be difficult to avoid in an interview-based event, I know, but try not to solely focus on the recruiter/candidate relationship. Have a mixer or happy hour that involves executives or team leads to candidates can get a genuine idea of the work environment and how they fit in the mix.

Here are my top tips to keep in mind when planning your next virtual recruiting event:

  • Create the proper event page. Build an event page that clearly shows why candidates should attend and what makes your company so great. At Splash one of our core values is to “Find the Fun” so as much as we want our events to be informative we also want to make sure we surprise and delight.
  • Continue to entice them. Lots of paid holidays or other PTO? Flexible work hours? Amazing insurance packages? If you have great perks, tell them in your recruiting information on your website or other promotional materials. Make sure to highlight those unique to your company. For us, we like to promote our Take Care value and M.E (Mental Escape) days. Especially during these unprecedented times we want to make sure our candidates know their wellbeing comes first!
  • Communication is key. Recruiting events can be stressful for candidates. Create email invitations and reminders that explain exactly what they can expect. Send schedules, check-in locations, and other details they’ll need to alleviate some of this anxiety. This will be a good indicator of how life will be once working at your company, make sure they know they’ll always be in the loop.
  • Get social. There’s one place you can count on finding job candidates, and that’s online. Reach the right ones by creating share cards for the event on your social channels. Lean into your referral police and have current employees share as well!
  • Leverage partnerships. If you’re teaming up with a college, university, or other service, be sure to get the most out of it. Ask them to help promote your presence at the event or find additional ways to partner. If you have a current intern or employee who is an alum make sure they’re attending the event as well.

Keep this list in mind the next time you plan a recruiting event. It could just be the difference between finding great candidates or striking out.

Happy recruiting!


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