Highlighting Another SHRM22 Session You Don’t Want to Miss!

In a recent blog post, I wrote about a session that Joe Ziska (BMW) and Erica Young (SHRM) will be conducting at this year’s SHRM22. The session is entitled “How BMW Leverages Emerging Technology for People and Talent Needs” and will surely spark ideas about how to leverage emerging technology in your own company. More details on that session can be found here.

In this blog post, I’d like to highlight another impactful session you should be sure to add to your agenda. The session is entitled “Extinguish Burnout to Ignite Engagement” and aims to help you understand the factors that lead to burnout, identify activities and perspectives that reduce the incidence of burnout, and synthesize interventions that will discourage burnout in your organization.

Why did the facilitators Terri Bogue and Robert Bogue want to speak on this topic? Because Terri struggled with burnout herself, which impacted not only her work but also her entire life. At the time, it was hard for Terri to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, when we’re grappling with burnout, it can seem almost impossible to emerge from despair and take steps to improve one’s situation. That’s what led the Bogues to start researching the topic, and then to generously share their insights and strategies with others. In addition to their presentation, they have also compiled their findings into a book (available for purchase in the SHRM bookstore.)

Their research revealed that it’s not always the employers’ “fault” when employees suffer from burnout. Instead the burnout might be related to personal problems outside of work. HR should therefore be prepared to support employees regardless of their burnout origin. Of course, sometimes employers can be a contributing factor, but they are not always the villain or the one to blame. HR can help determine the root causes of employee burnout so that new policies can be implemented and resources offered (if need be).

What will participants walk away with after the session? First, you’ll gain an understanding that there are concrete things you can do to help yourself, your employees, and your coworkers out of burnout. For example, one way out of burnout is to become more aware of how you look at yourself and your world. Someone might say “you did a great job” and your response might be “it was nothing.” Instead of acknowledging your hard work and embracing your accomplishment, you minimize your role and shrink yourself in the process thus making yourself more susceptible to the throes of burnout.

Beyond that, you’ll also learn how to become more resistant to burnout in the first place through their “bathtub model”.  In the bathtub model, you’ll learn which three faucets you should fill up in order to avoid, prevent and recover from burnout as well as their “drain” analogy, all of which are in your control. Participants will walk away with the realization that “your bathtub can prevent burnout” – how clever and awesome is that!

Make sure to attend Terri and Robert Bogue’s session either In-Person or Virtual on Sunday 06/12/2022 from 01:30 PM - 02:30 PM Central Time. And for more FREE resources, check out their website: https://extinguishburnout.com/. Enter the code “COVID-19” to gain access.

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