Three Ways to Create a Groundswell with Your Employees

When the Forrester Research on groundswells came out a few years ago, many in the social media business saw an opportunity to have real conversations about advocacy marketing. That conversation was limited to marketers, and only just now are we seeing the groundswell concept reaching talent management.

The groundswell happens when people, economics, and technology collide. Today’s businesses are filled with people ready to have a hand in the talent decisions that could change their future. Additionally, organizations are also seeing the economic recovery offer opportunities for people to try new things, jump companies, and even accelerate the growth of their own ideas. And the technology is putting the user first. What better place for a collision like that than the workforce?

When your employees rise in support of you, there’s the potential for greatness:

  • Employees are more engaged, tapping into discretionary effort to get things done
  • The work becomes more meaningful to your teams
  • Customers respond to a driven workforce

Whether your organization has been established for years or is brand-spanking new, you have the chance to encourage a positive groundswell in your own company.

Focus on people. Your employees aren’t personnel numbers, but individuals who all have something to offer. From the line manager who wants to keep his team safe to the executive who wants to keep the ladder open for all her young employees, your people are the face of the organization and its work. Determine the passions that drive these individuals, especially the ones who truly represent your organization’s culture. Then help spread that passion with infectious excitement.

Take advantage of economics. Supply and demand can serve you in creating an engaging workforce. Find out the things that people truly want at your company, whether that’s through incentives, events, or even office supplies. When you meet some of the demands that employees have in order to complete their jobs, you’ll change the dynamics on resources. That means your people will have the tools they need to succeed.

Consider the role of technology. If you’re not utilizing the technology available at your fingertips to engage with employees, it’s time to get started. Combine traditional talent management systems with updated social tools. That doesn’t mean you need to jump on Twitter just to be social, especially if your team isn’t using Twitter. Understand how your employees want to communicate, and build that into your management plans. And as an employee, if you haven’t shared ways to connect up the line with management, do that now. Bring those ideas to your organization to help make the groundswell happen.

Anyone can tap into these three areas, and it shouldn’t be something only management can do. All employees should use their voice to help create passion in the organization, and the benefits will affect more than the bottom line.


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