Have Employees Who Are Disabled And Unable to Work? THIS information is for YOU!

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, a time to celebrate the many and varied contributions of American workers with disabilities. Disability is always at the forefront of our conversations, and this monthly observance provides us with an opportunity to educate the public about disability employment issues.


Social Security Benefits Millions

Disability can be unpredictable and can change anyone’s life at any time. When disability strikes, Social Security is there. Our agency provides benefits to millions of people with disabilities and their families through our Social Security Disability Insurance program. This earned benefit program provides a vital lifeline for those who can no longer work because of a critical illness.

Guess Who’s Turning 60?

This year, our disability program turned 60 years old. There have been changes over the years, especially in medicine and technology, but one thing remains the same: our core philosophy of securing today and tomorrow for workers and their families.

To qualify for the disability program, you must meet two requirements.

  1. You must meet Social Security’s strict definition of disability. We pay benefits to people who can’t work because they have a medical condition that’s expected to last at least one year or result in death.
  2. You must meet Social Security’s earnings requirement. In general, to get disability benefits, you must meet two different earnings tests:
  • A recent work test, based on your age at the time you became disabled; and
  • A duration of work test to show that you worked long enough under Social Security.

To find out more about the disability program, you can visit our disability planner, read our disability benefits pamphlet, and learn about Medicare coverage if you’re disabled.

Share this post with your employees because Social Security is there to help if disability strikes.  



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