Happy Flexible Work Arrangement Week


 Flexible Work Arrangement Week is May 7-13, 2017                                                                                                                                                     

The way we work is changing. Gone are the days of the traditional 9-5 desk job. Most workers are tethered to their mobile devices and expected to be plugged in 24x7.  Hunters and gathers in prehistoric times got an alert them that a neighbor had found food. The discovery of plants and foliage in the “cradle of humanity” allowed people to settle. For years after, the pace of work was under the control of humans, and with the rise of the industrial revolution, workers surrendered to a central authority. Modern technology is changing things again.

Eleven Steps to take to Enable Flexwork

Build an inclusive environment

Ideally, everyone is included in flexwork – but if not, be very clear about who is eligible and why

Flexibility comes in many shapes and sizes – time vs. location

Flexwork means different things to different people – let people choose – some want weekly, daily, monthly, annual career time flexibility, some want location.

Can we share? – pilot job sharing

Don’t say no – say yes to an experiment and willingness to iterate.

Be public with a “core hours” policy, but leave flexibility at the edges

Let people know – set “core hours” that are less than 9-5.

Make sure every meeting has an online option

Try to make your meetings a combination of physical and virtual. Allow people to attend online. Use Skype to enable flexibility.

Be aware of commute times – if employees are spending an hour each way in traffic, it’s lose-lose

Look at local commute times – be flexible with mandatory meetings so employees aren’t sitting in 2 hours of traffic to make a half hour early meeting.

Focus on outcomes – ROWE

Learn from the Results Only Work Environment

Train and empower managers

Give each manager control over their own team’s flexibility.

Ensure IT is building mobile/off-corpnet solutions

Push your IT folks to open corpnet capability more broadly – don’t let tech limitations force people into the commute

Share positive stories

Make sure to share springboard stories of employees making great use of a flexible work environment to do great work.

Talk about it when you recruit

Millennials value work to live vs. live to work – leverage your flexible work environment to recruit top talent.


We live in amazing times, where technology advances empower individuals to do great work across physical and cognitive dimensions. HR professionals can share research and offer suggestions to empower managers to create more flexible work environments and unlock the potential of Millennial and global workforce potential…








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