Got Workflex Figured Out, Apply for the When Work Works Award Today



Effective and flexible work – or – workflex –is a powerful tool in today’s workplace, one which is in high demand. Not surprising given that workflex helps with improved work-life fit, improved employee health, and increased engagement and job satisfaction. Increasing workflex is an opportunity for employers to distinguish themselves as employers of choice to help them win the war for talent.

Organizations across the U.S. are answering the call to greater workflex, and using effective and flexible work as a business strategy to help improve organizational and employee success.  If your workplace has workflex figured out, then step up to get the recognition you deserve. How? Apply for the When Work Works Award. Win and show current and prospective employees that workflex is an important part of your organization’s success!

The When Work Works Award recognizes model U.S. organizations that excel in creating effective and flexible workplaces. All applicants receive a free, customized benchmarking report comparing their workplace practices to national data and to other Award winners. Winners also receive local and national recognition from the media, SHRM and When Work Works as well as the opportunity to be featured in a searchable database, the go-to resource on best employers for the media and prospective job candidates.

Applications take 20-30 minutes and there is no fee to apply. Apply now through May 11 at



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