This weekend, I witnessed my world through the eyes of an almost four year old girl.  These lessons know no age limits and can work within your HR Teams.  Please read on…

Who knew a park around the corner, a swimming pool, sidewalk chalk, markers and coloring books could create such joy, giggles and stories?

The power of joy was shared through the eyes of Addie. Her concept of a park was broadened, her confidence in the water from Saturday to Sunday was remarkable, half a tub of sidewalk chalk has colored my driveway, the other half will be decorating her front and back porch and the markers and notebooks were also sent home with her to continue her creative work. I was present in her play and she graciously shared her gift of joy.  How might we translate this concept to work?

"Joyful - The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness" is a new book is coincidentally released by Ingrid Fetell Lee today. This book is also featured on Adam Grant's Top Reads for Fall of 2018.

Addie's second gift was the consistent question of why? While her parents are over this question, I found this insightful as she was working to navigate a new location, a new person and some new experiences. (Doesn’t this sound like on-boarding for our new hires?)

The weekend was action packed. Her ability to find joy and laughter was invigorating. We made memories without lots of things or expense, our gift to each other was presence. While I was tired from the constant activity of Addie, I was ready to work this morning. I felt like I had found some rest and re-charge in these different activities. We created joy at home and I brought it to work today.

Might your presence with your teams be your commitment as we close this year?  As we finish these last 100 days of 2018, how can we find more joy and lead with your why? Simon Sinek would agree. Start with Why- How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. The challenge is twofold, create joy at home and bring your renewed self-back to work the next day or the next week. Then, how do you also foster and create joy at work, so that you can also spread this with your family?  Joy is contagious!

In these last 100 days of 2018, I also challenge you to lead with your why, both at home and at work, and be open for some different results. Beat everyone to...but why?  As the HR Team, you do more than roll-out and administer the new Benefits plans for 2019, you are the culture keepers of your organization.  Let’s make some joyful noise!

P.S. Daniel Pink reminds us that timing is everything. Post the Holiday Weekend, it is a perfect time to start the new season. There is a science to the perfect start.

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