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Have you ever sat down and asked yourself why did you join SHRM?  Was it originally because you wanted to grow as an HR pro or was it because you were looking for that next great opportunity?  

Yesterday at the SHRM Foundation’s luncheon, I had the chance to meet this year’s conference scholarship winners.  This was their first time attending this mega conference and I could see their excitement and gratitude on their face. Brandi Levanel, a scholarship winner, mentioned how she volunteers to be able to give back to the community. This opportunity to help her is the reason that many of us give to the foundation.  In a way, through our  contributions to HR pros like Brandi we are making an impact at communities across our nation.  

Another big reason that I am a SHRM member is because I understand that not only does SHRM help us grow and innovate, but they also help shape the HR professionals of tomorrow. Along with being a SHRM member, I believe that we are also great givers. This is how the Foundation is able to support our future leaders in our profession. 

According to Johnny C Taylor, the President and CEO of SHRM, it is the foundation’s role to shape the future of HR professionals. 

At the end of the day, we all know that it is the people that are the key to competitive advantage. If we ever want to become a profession where CEO’s and COO’s are grown, we need to invest in our own. We need to give to push our profession to new heights. We cannot accomplish this alone. We can only accomplish this by uniting and supporting each other. We must stand behind a great cause. What better cause then the SHRM Foundation?  

It is a sad thing that while many companies invest in students who are pursuing math, finance, and engineering no one is investing in the people, the HR professionals, who are responsible for breaking these barriers. 

What is this all about? 

It is about moving forward together as an organization that helps nourish those who have the potential of picking up the torch for today’s great leaders like Steve Pemberton. 

To me Steve is a great role model because it was through adversity that he succeeded, but what truly made me respect him more was that he didn’t take the full credit for his success.  He acknowledged that it was the support of others that led him to where he is today.  

I can attest to the truth of what he talked about yesterday.  We need great givers to be beacons of lights to those of us who need the help to reach new heights. 

I cannot emphasize this enough: Alone we cannot accomplish anything. We must move forward together as one HR voice that is SHRM. It is amazing what this organization has accomplished.  

If you doubt it, just get off your phone, stop and look around. 

If you do nothing today, take the time and go to the SHRM Foundation’s booth and give a little of yourself today. You will be glad you did.  


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