Getting Wellness Right: One on One with #SHRM16 Speaker Brad Cooper


As we are all gearing up for #SHRM16, I’m excited to be wearing two hats - as a blogger and a presenter on The Smart Stage. When perusing the list of the speakers who will be presenting at the conference, Brad Cooper jumped off the page.  Did you know he’s the World’s Fittest CEO? Clearly he walks the talk – well, he runs…this inspired me to reach out. I’ve also recently incorporated yoga into my weekly routine and have personally seen so many changes for the positive.

Why else did I want to interview Brad? One, because I like the boldness of his title: Why Your Employee Wellness Program Takes Too Much Time, Doesn't Engage Employees and Lacks ROI. I think he will come out and make people think really hard about what isn't working and arm them re-engage or re-engineer wellness programs so they are destined for success.

Secondly, I am increasingly interested in Workplace wellbeing. I was recently fortunate enough to spend time with Limeade in Seattle, presenting on how to effectively tie Workplace well-being programs with an organization's true culture.

This is a fantastic topic with a bright future. And what's better than focusing on healthy, happy, productive employees? Here is my Q&A with Brad Cooper and I can’t wait to hear more from him. See you in a few weeks.

1. Tell me a little bit about your organization.

US Corporate Wellness ( is the national provider of wellness programs that provide lasting and meaningful change for employees. We are pleased to be one of only 9 national firms to earn Full Accreditation through URAC as a Comprehensive Wellness Provider and are also the parent company for the Catalyst Coaching Institute ( 

2. Why are you passionate about workplace wellness?  
We are spending each and every day helping individuals optimize their lives – making their “tomorrow” a little better than their “today.” In the process, we have the opportunity to work with some of the most energetic, optimistic people on the planet. If that doesn’t bring out the passion, what will??

3. Why do you think so many wellness programs fail?  
They’re built around check-the-box strategies, where everyone is treated as though their history, goals, needs, drivers and more are the same. In order to be effective, we MUST create a “one size fits ONE” strategy and help create a process that is meaningful to each individual.

4. What is the number one secret to corporate wellness program success?  
Shhhh – don’t tell anyone because we don’t want it getting around. The number one secret is to make it all about ME! (for each participating employee). If it’s all about me, then I’m fully engaged and it’ll have a positive impact not only on my life, but also on the lives of all those around me, from family members to co-workers.

5. What is the most compelling reason to come to your session?  
Do you want to get fired up about life at the same time you learn how to optimize your employee wellness program? Are you sick of spending too much time to get minimal engagement and ROI? Join me for the program at 10:45 on Tuesday and I’ll give you everything I’ve got so you can help change the lives of your employees for the better going forward!

6. And just for fun, what is your favorite outdoor activity?
I love endurance sports. In the past few months, I was fortunate to be featured by several publications as being the “World’s Fittest CEO” after winning the 3,000 mile Race Across America (2 person division) and qualifying for both the Boston Marathon and the Hawaii Ironman World Championship by over 25 minutes. Here’s one of the articles that ran if curious:



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