Two New Audio Products from SHRM: "All Things Work" Podcast and "SHRM HR Tips" on Alexa


All Things Work

The All Things Work podcast is hosted by SHRM’s VP of Editorial, Tony Lee and features interviews with advanced HR professionals. We’ll also cover trends and stories about the workplace in general.

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SHRM HR Tips, now on Amazon Alexa Devices

 SHRM will now be providing HR tips and a preview of featured Webcasts as an Alexa Audio News Briefing. The audio briefing is available on all Amazon Alexa compatible devices and on the Alexa smart phone app. 

To configure this briefing for your Alexa compatible device via a Web browser, go to, type “SHRM HR Tips” into the Amazon search field and enable the skill. On smart phones, download the Alexa app, go to Skills & Games, search for “SHRM HR Tips” and enable the skill. 

Once your device or app is configured, you can hear the briefing by saying “Alexa, give me my News Briefing.”  

The briefing will be available Monday through Thursday.



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