Get ready to meet one of the #SHRM22 powerhouse speakers, Pegine Echevarria

When I accepted the invitation and took on the challenge of becoming one of the #SHRM22Influencer members, I did not do so lightly. It was my intention to make a difference with my participation. So, from videos on-site at the conference, which I am preparing, to interviews and articles between now and June, it is my focus to do this a little differently. You may not be aware, but as influencers for #SHRM22, we get to pick and choose who to interview for these blog entries. The list is massive this year, with a powerhouse lineup of speakers. The people picked by me had to be unique, memorable, and out to make a difference, hence how the person in my blog this week came to be on my list.

Pegine Echevarria is that person. As her bio states, she walks the talk. "Pegine is the only Latina and one of only eight women inducted into the 60-member Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame; others include Anthony Robbins and Jack Canfield." Right away as our interview started, I was captivated by her energy, passion for uplifting others, and her incredible level of intelligence. Right away, I said to myself, "This is someone I can learn from."

There were many items we discussed, from how women and men need to work together differently to all she plans on discussing at #SHRM22. Included in this blog is the complete interview recording, which is worth a listen, but here are some key questions she responded to during the interview.

Todd: "Why do you think women are really taking off, owning their outcomes and growing while many professional men seem to be stagnated in their growth as well as a desire to grow?"

Pegine: "Here are a couple of reasons why. There have been huge generational differences never like this before. For the first time, grandfathers are telling granddaughters, "You can do anything." On top of this, statistically, women are seeking higher education and seeking everything from MBAs to engineering, and everything is shifting. The next generation of children, especially girls, are being taught a different perception about what is possible."

Todd: "Is there any other reason you see why men are seemingly rebelling against the status quo for themselves?"

Pegine: "Men have never been allowed to express themselves with color, style, or other ways other than what society tells them to be and how to act. These are mainly straight white men, and they are rebelling against how society defines them. And I am also passionate about helping them along with the amazing women who are taking themselves to a new level."

Todd: "It is amazing that you can see that perspective when so many people do not, and you made me think of a new way of looking at this, so thank you. Can we shift, and you take me through some of the topics covered in your talk at #SHRM22?"

Pegine: "It's about how to build your leadership network and how you do it. We are so very accustomed to talking online and being online, but we are not really aware, because of isolation, that we need a leadership network around us to help us grow and evolve. And I will also be talking about who does a person go to to learn ideas about how to operate in new ways from how we deal with remote teams as well as all the changes going on so very fast. You need a network. SO I will also be teaching these thousands of attendees how to reboot their networking skills."

Todd: "Well, I am certainly excited to see you speak and share your insights. Can you tell me a few more of the key takeaways you want people to walk away with from your presentation?"

Pegine: "I want them to know that these techniques will give even the introverts real tactical tools to network. In my talk, we won't be sitting around; we will be interacting, talking, and interacting. These will be skills you will never forget. The second thing will be to provide you, the listener, with a technique to how to create energy in a room so people are interested in talking with you. I am going to help you emerge. I will do this with some amazing stories. Let's keep one for the audio portion of this article."

Todd: "As I said, I am really excited, and thank you so much for meeting with me and for allowing me to interview you for this amazing event. Any last words to leave our readers with for this article?"

Pegine: "In order to get things done in this world, you need to know and honor your own strengths, and vulnerability and learn to emerge."

You can hear the full audio interview in this article with more details about her "mountain" analogy and insights about her life as a presenter. For more about Pegine, visit her site here.

A little more about Pegine, "She was named by Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world's largest HR professional society, as one of 100 Global Thought Leaders on Diversity and Inclusion. Clients include ten percent of the Fortune 100 global corporations, twelve percent of Direct Selling News Global Top 50 Companies, and all US military branches."

You can catch Pegine at the #SHRM22 #CauseTheEffect conference in June. Make sure to check the SHRM site for more details on times and room location.

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