Generations At Work: A Lunch Conversation


[To preserve identities, I’ll just refer to these folks by their ages: 48, 60, 30, and 27. The four (and a few other lunch-bunch buddies) had a conversation that went like this.]

30: {singing a pop song}

48: What’s that song – if I can call it that – about?

30: Love gone wrong.

48: I guess times change, but music themes never really do.


30: 48, how did it feel when you found out that your college sweetheart was not completely true to you?

48: Well it was bad, but I’m past that. It was so long ago.

27 and 30 {in unison}: yeahhhh…that was ages ago…

27: In a previous relationship I had…

60: …Recently? When was this?

27: a long time ago…last year

{Uproarious laughter}

 48: 60, when did you get married?

60: 28 years ago!

{Rousing applause}

27: I wasn’t even born.

30: yeah, and I was just a toddler.

48: hmpf

60: And where were YOU, 48?

48: Struggling in my first Junior year in college

30: {laughing} How many junior years did you have?

48: Just two, but I had a couple of senior years, too!

27: You sure you’re recalling correctly?

48: whoa! I’m not as old as…

60: …Don’t say it!

30: You guys!

27: Yeah, you guys!

48: When I was growing up, you couldn’t call an adult “you guys”

30: Okay, “Uncle 48”, we’re all adults.

60: Well I am for sure.

27: And I am too.

48: I suppose we all are.

30: That’s what I said! Aye!



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