Gary Kushner at #SHRM17 and Five Global Trends Impacting HR Strategy


In anticipation of #SHRM17 I had an opportunity to talk to Gary Kushner about his session, which will be held on Tuesday, June 20 at 10:45 am. The full title of his presentation is The Changing Nature of Work and the Worker: Five Global Trends Impacting HR Strategy. At #SHRM2013 I attended Gary’s session of a similar title and wrote about it here. This is not a repeat of that session, this is a major revision.

The world has changed

In my interview I asked Gary what had changed since 2013 and what was he was going to include in his presentation. He remarked that there were several things that included the following

Updated demographic information

The workplace is much different looking even three years later. The face of the workplace is an older one in the Western world, but there are countries that have much younger workers, such as the countries in Central and South America. These younger workers are an interesting mix of new technology forces and more traditional values.

There are more women in the workforce, out numbering men over all, and increasingly in higher level positions. This requires more HR flexibility and responsive to the issues of women in the workplace, particularly around work arrangements.

The increased diversity of generations is changing the definitions of retirement, knowledge retention and turned upside-down the concept of training.

Globalization is being replaced

Gary says the move to globalization, Friedman’s Flat world concept, is being replaced by a social networked work place. People are getting connected to get work done, inside and outside the organization. Gary will describe his “six new breeds of workers”.

Rise of Microwork

We have all heard of the gig economy. Part of that is the amount of “microwork” that is being done. I addressed this just the other day in Future Friday: The dark side of the gig economy. Gary will talk about HR can leverage this microwork concept. He says there are a lot of questions to ask about this.

Machine learning

In the last three years there have been major advances in artificial intelligence. IBM’s Watson is making a significant impact on how many things are done, especially in the realm of medicine. Gary will talk about companies are realizing, as a result of AI, that their competitive advantage is in their people.

I am looking forward to Gary’s presentation. If you read my blog you know that these concepts are in concert with what I write about. So please stop by Gary’s presentation and if you see me sitting up near the front say hello.


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