Future Friday: Will video be a game changer?


We have seen the “power” of video increase over the last few years. YouTube has over a billion viewers and YouTube on mobile alone reaches more 18-49 year olds than any cable network. Additionally, 80% of YouTube viewers are outside the US. Given those numbers will video technology become a powerful tool for HR?


Mike Zani, CEO of The Predictive Index, feels that video technology will change the hiring game. He says “more and more companies will be leveraging video to qualify candidates earlier in the hiring process.” According to The Predictive Index a growing trend in 2016 will include “candidates recording video responses to a few canned questions using their laptop or tablet and uploading them to the potential employer.”

According to ERC “There are several benefits to video interviewing. It allows recruiters to evaluate candidates faster and cuts down the time to fill a position, and it makes scheduling and connecting with candidates much easier. When needing to evaluate out of town candidates, video interviewing can significantly cut down on travel costs.  It also can allow others to review the video interview afterwards and provide feedback.” However, there is a flip side to video interviewing.

Evaluating the employer

The use of video by an employer to highlight the company provides information to candidates on the look and feel of the company. It exposes them to employees of the company. It can be used to explain a job or job setting much more thoroughly than a verbal job description.

But video can be used for more than a one-sided transmission. Conducting a live video interview not only exposes the candidate to evaluation but also exposes the interviewer to examination. HR departments are going to have to realize that their camera presence is also being evaluated.


Of course there are still people that decry the use of video and say it has the potential for discriminatory hiring practices. Those downsides have come with all methods used in the past. The same criticism was leveled at the use of LinkedIn but now about 94% of recruiters use it. While it is going to require candidates to step up their games recruiters are also going to have to step up theirs. Will screen tests to measure a recruiter’s impact on video be a requirement of hiring in the future?

Other uses

How about using video as a coaching tool? With the increasing use of remote teams the ability for a manager to connect visually could be a good way to stay connected. My wife and I have watched the show The Voice and weekly the coaches connect with their teams via video on smart phones. That allows them, and would allow managers, to see their team members.

Of course that requires that everyone be dressed otherwise you open up another can of worms.


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