Four Creative Ways to Start Your Day

1. A strategy from Hemingway

The Hemingway Bridge

In order to avoid starting a new day with a cold, blank piece of paper, Ernest Hemingway ended his day by writing the first paragraph of a new chapter. During the evening, he considered where the paragraph might go. In the morning, he was ready to go.

Tomorrow’s great start begins today. End today by starting tomorrow.

2. Sleep on it

If you are the tenacious type, it’s hard to set a problem aside. You just keep banging your head into it until you defeat the “enemy.”  Give yourself a chance to move through a problem by letting go of it for a few hours. Sleeping on it may help.

Start your new day with something you put off yesterday.

3. List making

End your day by creating tomorrow’s to do list.

4. Morning Strategy Call

Try calling a friend or colleague first thing in the morning to talk over the day. Share your challenges, opportunities, concerns, frustrations, confusion, and plans. Don’t talk long. Listen to them and have them listen to you. Set a time limit for the call and stick to it.

What can people do to jumpstart their day?

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