Flying Solo – An HR Department of One with Amanda Haddaway #SHRM18


If you are a solo HR practitioner , I have the session for you at SHRM18. It is called Flying Solo and it is at Monday at 2 PM.   The session is being presented by Amanda Haddaway and I can vouch for her.  She is the current State Director of SHRM for Maryland and has been eating, breathing and preaching small shop HR for almost 20 years.

As a consultant in her day job Amanda works with small businesses, typically 50 and under and helps them understand and improve their HR function.   As a speaker, Amanda is going to do the same with her audience by sharing some of her tips and tricks.    She tells me she has “some friends” who she is brining along who will also share their experiences in the HR Department of One arena.

Amanda said she will spend some time on time – time management that is.  If you can be more effective, you can get more done and try and reach that elusive goal of a clean desk, although Amanda told me that is a myth, the HR desk is never cleaned off, but it is often portrayed that way in ads and other media.

Technology is another way that HR can improve their efficiency and Amanda is going to be sharing some ideas on this. She told me there is this myth that HR Technology is too expensive for small companies. In her session Amanda is going to shoot holes in this theory.  In our conversation, Amanda said if you don’t believe that HR Technology is affordable you need to go to the exhibition hall and visit with the vendors, because there are many of them who would love to have your business.

Compliance is another matter that will be discussed in the session.  Amanda says that the HR person is always expected to have, all of the answers.  Whether the matter in question is a Department of Labor Wage and hour issue, or question about state or local laws governing the workplace the expectation is that the sole practitioner has the answers, just like the Fortune 500 Company HR departments.

Before her session is done Amanda also shared with me that she is going to speak to YOU as the HR Department of One, and how you need to stay on track and maintain and develop your own career path.  A couple of ways Amanda says she has done this through volunteering and networking. She has found both of these things to be most helpful in developing her personal career path.

So Flying Solo (in HR) is the session.  This is a topic I too am passionate about, so I am going to see Amanda in her session and see what this is all about. I hope to see you there.





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