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Well, I leave for New Orleans tomorrow. I am packed and ready to learn at my very first SHRM annual conference!!! The packing seemed like the hardest part and now I get to be on “vacation”, as my friends called it, in New Orleans for the next 4 days.

The reason I am most excited to attend the SHRM annual conference is to learn more about HR. HR is difficult to explain and it seems like everyone has their own definition. Some consider the profession like therapy and some consider HR an enemy. For a college student like me about to be thrown out in the real world, I think I need a little help being pointed in the right direction.

I already know #SHRM17 will go above and beyond my expectations and educate me on the extensive jobs in the HR field and what to expect in the career. New Orleans has its tourist’s spots, but the conference is the main attraction that brought me here. Networking with the HR pros is another main reason I am looking forward to #SHRM17. I plan on networking as much as I can to grow in my understanding of the profession and hopefully gain some connections for my future.

HR is a scary profession for a younger person. Who would trust a college graduate to be in charge of hiring and firing at an organization? I hope this conference helps me build confidence and that I leave feeling sure about what I want to do with my future. 



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