First Night of DNC Puts Families in the Spotlight


The Democratic National Convention is officially underway, and SHRM is on the ground in Philly.

Last night, First Lady Michelle Obama addressed the DNC with a rousing speech that was rooted in her passion for children, asking America: who will you entrust with the power to shape our children for the next four to eight years of their lives? While she made it clear that there is only one person she trusts in this election, Hillary Clinton, the First Lady also widened the conversation to include the needs of families during this often contentious election season.  She reminded Americans that this election is about leaving something better for our children.

At SHRM, we know that the workplace is about more than what happens on the job. It’s about people, it’s about lives, and it’s about the families and children who are waiting on employees when they come home each night.  One of the most effective ways organizations can help all employees navigate their work-life needs is by offering workplace flexibility options. 

That is why we support innovative workplace policies that will create a 21st Century Workplace that takes into account the realities of today’s workforce.

SHRM believes that the United States must have a workplace flexibility policy that accommodates varying work environments, employee needs, industries and organizational size, while fostering innovation and a competitive economy.

And as the First Lady noted, words and actions matter, and that is why we are here at the DNC and why we were at the RNC in Cleveland last week to call on elected representatives, candidates for office and government officials to embrace innovative policies like workflex and create a 21st Century Workplace.


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