#Nextchat: “Finding Your Voice” as an HR Professional




HR professionals need to have a presence in the profession, and a fantastic way to do that is to be involved in the daily conversations that take place on social media. Blogging, tweeting and podcasting are great ways to engage others, but how do you know what to say? How do you “find your voice” as an HR professional? 

Callie Zipple, who serves as one of SHRM’s Field Services Directors, has a saying that she lives by: “You’re either networking or not working.” Callie is not only passionate about the work she does in serving SHRM’s membership, she’s passionate about the conversations across social media about her beloved profession—HR. 

Callie, who hosts SHRM’s new podcast, Honest HR, and participates in SHRM’s weekly #Nextchat twitter chat, suggests several ways in which—and varying degrees to which—HR pros can participate within social media.    

With so many platforms and discussions, it can be intimidating for an HR professional to figure out how to get started—and to stay connected in ways that support personal and professional growth. That’s why for Callie, the first step in participating with purpose is finding your voice by “putting yourself out there” and gaining confidence along the way.  

How can you find your voice as an HR professional?

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Q1. Why is it so important for HR professionals to find their voice, network online and have some level of social media presence? 

Q2. How can HR professionals “find their voice” and establish an online presence that’s both authentic and purposeful?

Q3. What are some of the reasons HR professionals may be hesitant to put themselves out there on social media and engage online?

Q4. If someone is ready to start a blog, what’s the best way to start? What platforms work best and why?

Q5. There’s no shortage of podcasts in today’s marketplace. What makes a good podcast and what do you look for in the ones that you subscribe to?

Q6.  If you’re not ready to start your own blog or podcast, what are other ways of getting your voice out there (local speaking events, twitter chats)?

Q7. What or who inspired you to find your voice as an HR professional?


How to participate in an HR Twitter chat.




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