Father’s Day at SHRM17



On Sunday I will awake at 5:00 a.m. to make my way across country to the city of New Orleans. Many will already be filling the conference center halls at SHRM17 in celebration of our great profession.

Sunday also bring along Father’s Day. While spending the day up in the air is not my perfect idea of a great Dad’s day, these are the sacrifices we make for the Society for Human Resource Management. The great news is we get to spend Father’s Day with 30,000 like-minded people.

Our profession is about people: providing people the benefits to live a better life, delivering pay check, implementing technology to make their lives easier, conducting training, throwing a party or two and extending a hand shake when people get a new job.

Father’s Day is not just about us Dad’s getting a day of rest while taking credit for Mom’s hard work :-). Father’s Day is about people: the women who make their families better, the daughters who provide their Dad’s a reason to work, the sons who strive to be like their Dads and our family pets.

In truth, every day is Father’s Day because we have the privilege of helping people better their lives every day. The work that Human Resource professional provides is infinitely important.

As you walk the exhibition floor, remember that each of your associates may be missing time with their dad’s, brothers, sisters, wives and kids to be at SHRM17. What an awesome opportunity to tell your fellow HR professionals, “Thank You”!

We always encourage one another to break out of our shell to network at the SHRM Annual Conference. It can be uncomfortable but standing among people who share common workforce responsibilities puts us all in a safe place at SHRM17. We tend to make the process of networking inauthentic when the socially awkward process is infused with meaningless small talk.

Give it meaning….. Engage the human side of you brothers/sisters of the profession…..

May we all come together to celebrate Father’s Day in celebration of the human spirit and all we do as HR professionals to strengthen it!

See you all in New Orleans!

-          Dave Kovacovich     

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