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Earlier this week Facebook previewed a new feature that allows users to privately share resumes, or in their parlance, work histories. Also this week, LinkedIn began rolling out video ads targeting its own LinkedIn Audience Network.

But that’s just this week – this whole year has been marked by Facebook and LinkedIn biting each other’s signature styles and encroaching on each other’s territories. To grow, LinkedIn wants a more robust social and sensory experience. To maintain relevancy, Facebook wants to be essential to every part of your life, and in 2017 that’s meant getting into jobs. While I understand both strategies and might find some of these features useful for work… on a personal level this blending of Facebook and LinkedIn leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Separate social networks for separate aspects of my life is, well, nice, especially when it helps me create boundaries between work and leisure. Facebook may want to be an everything platform, your home base online, but I don’t want an everything platform, especially not one that has frequent visitors. And even worse, one that’s so consistently launched broken features and updates that expose previously private or locked information. If Facebook becomes a go-to platform for job hunting, what happens the next time they accidentally unlock all your posts, this time to potential employers?

Still, I thought it would be worth seeing what everyone else thinks about these latest moves, so here are five reads on what these two social networks are up to.

Facebook Tests a Resume “Work Histories” Feature to Boost Recruitment Efforts

At TechCrunch Ingrid Luden points out that LinkedIn and Facebook are targeting different recruiting markets: LI still skews toward white collar work while FB is aiming for mass market job seekers and advertisers.

LinkedIn to Further Monetize With Video Ads

Kevin Tran looks into LinkedIn’s new video ads, how they work, and what the network is looking to accomplish with this latest addition.

LinkedIn to Launch Talent Insights, a New Analytics Tool

LinkedIn is getting better and better for recruiters and hiring managers. This latest tool is currently in a closed beta and will launch next year to the public. It builds on recent acquisitions Careerify and Connectifier to give you ever more data about your candidates and your recruiting efforts.

Is Facebook About to Challenge LinkedIn?

Just how big is Facebook’s push into recruiting really going to be? Business Grapevine points out that so far only 25% of candidates have used social media to look for jobs, so if Ingrid Luden is right that Facebook wants to go mass market with social recruiting can it really challenge LinkedIn?

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