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We are what feels like seconds away from the SHRM18 Conference. 

I had the great privilege with interviewing one of SHRM18’s exhibitors, Self Management Group.  I too had the great privilege with interviewing Kathryn Christie, Director, Talent & Strategy, with Self Management Group, as she is presenting at the SHRM18 Conference on Tuesday 6/19/18 at 4:00 PM.  Check out the interview with Kathryn Christie.

Please see the below interview with Self Management Group (SMG)

Please tell us a little about Self Management Group.

SMG is a leader in talent management solutions, partnering with clients worldwide to help them attract, select, retain, and develop top potential employees. Now the largest sales profiling company in the world, our online system is available 24/7, 365 days a year in 45 countries and in over 40 languages.

We have over 35 years ongoing research into the factors that make people successful. Self Management Group is home of the POP – Predictor of Potential™ employment assessments and screens. These tools are proven to help hire and select candidates with high potential to be top performers.

Through scientific validation, our tools accurately predict potential, performance, and retention for a variety of specific roles and industries.

What booth # will Self Management Group be at & what kind of information could the attendees expect to see or hear about when coming to the booth?

#3439. Attendees can expect to hear all about SMG’s Talent Management Solutions to help them better attract, develop and retain top performers. We are showcasing our leading-edge SHRM approved training programs and pre-employment assessments that measure individual potential for success on the job based on key character traits.

Kathryn Christie, Director, Talent & Strategy, with Self Management Group is presenting at the SHRM18 Conference.  Please tell us what the attendees can expect to learn from Kathryn’s session.

Attendees will take an objective look at every stage of the recruitment process and identify where/how they can reduce barriers to high quality diverse candidates in order to create a consistent process that helps move their organization forward. They will learn tangible things that they can do right now to reduce these barriers and improve their ability to attract and engage diverse candidates.

Where could we find more information about Self Management Group?


Thank you SMG for the informative interview.  I highly suggest stopping by the SMG booth.  They will have lots of candy and great SWAG to help attendees get through the conference with energy!



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