Executive Book Club: October 2011

Diversity in business and other organizations has been a goal for more than a quarter of a century, yet companies struggle to create an inclusive workplace. In Reinventing Diversity, Howard J. Ross, one of America’s leading diversity experts, explains why most diversity programs fail and how we can make them work.

Ross uses interviews, personal stories, statistics, and case studies to show that there is no quick fix, no easy answer. Acceptance needs to become part of the culture of a company, not just a mandated attitude. People still feel alienated because of their race, language, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or culture. Many of these prejudices are unconscious and exclusions unintentional. Only through challenging our own preconceived notions about diversity and the traditional approaches to workplace diversity and inclusion that were created long ago can we build a productive and collaborative work environment in which all people are included.

The goal of Ross' book is to create organizations that are culturally competent, culturally intelligent, and culturally flexible. Reinventing Diversity is designed as a road map to get there.

Rosalyn Taylor O’Neale, vice president and chief diversity & inclusion officer at Campbell Soup Company, said “Howard Ross’s global and academic experiences are artfully reflected in this book. His insights and guidance make this a must-read for anyone wanting to create culturally inclusive community in organizations. I plan to make it required reading for leaders wherever I go.”

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