Executive Book Club: November 2011

At Motorola, Inc., designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts are linked in a single production function that spans Chicago, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Beijing. This work takes advantage of the most qualified talent in the world and continues literally around the clock. In terms of innovation and accelerated speed-to-market, the old ways of working simply cannot compete.

We are quickly moving toward a kind of "virtual workplace" – a world in which networks of people work in new ways, assisted by technology and freed from the traditional limitations of time and space. As our organizations evolve to accommodate this reality, we must create new ways to assign work, assess results, and reward performance. How do we develop the requisite skills, both as employers and employees? How does a company begin to "go virtual?" 

Work and Rewards in the Virtual Workplace has the answers. This is the first complete guide for organizations seeking a smooth, successful transition to new ways of working. Conceptual, yet hands-on, it offers fascinating case studies of front-running companies already prospering on the virtual frontier. It helps you ask the right questions in advance, and alerts you to pitfalls that may trap the unwary. 

Work and Rewards in the Virtual Workplace closely examines the three cumulative stages of the virtual workplace – telecommuting, frontline, and cyberlink – to help you understand where your company fits on the continuum. You'll learn how to assess the costs of going virtual, in hard dollars-and-cents. And you'll examine, pragmatically and in depth, the numerous adaptations that your organization must make if it is to succeed on any virtual level.

As the authors make clear, a well-planned move to the virtual workplace will yield significant benefits: dramatic improvements in performance, better labor-management relations, a stronger supply chain, extraordinary customer loyalty, and higher profit margins. To get there, however, you must keep your eyes open and know what to watch for. Work and Rewards in the Virtual Workplace aims to be your trusted guide.

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