Executive Book Club: June 2014

You’re sitting in your office, in front of the computer. Stacks of paper, files, and forms sit on your credenza, your desk, and one of the side chairs. The door to your office is slightly ajar, and anyone passing by can see that you are there. Suddenly, a gentle knock, and a head appears in the doorway. “Got a minute?” You, of course, reply, “Sure. What’s up?” So begins “Got a Minute?”, a book about the challenges, missteps, and day-today frustrations faced by human resource professionals and people managers in organizations everywhere. 

Designed to help HR professionals and line managers deal with challenging employees in the workplace, this book enlists a novel approach by tying together several real-life examples of employee behavior within a broad range of circumstances such as: Substance abuse - Chronic liars - Culture clashes - Sexual issues - Invasion of privacy - Policy violations - and much more.

Following the stories in each chapter, an analysis of how the business professionals handled the situations highlights the benefits and detriments of their choices. The stories, many are funny, others are head-scratchers, and a few are even downright odd and are used as examples to illustrate the nine critical lessons of people management. These lessons form the basis of the ethical and legally defensible practices of human resource management and, if understood, will make you a better people manager. The question is: Do you know the most important lessons you need to be a successful HR professional?   

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