Executive Book Club: June 2012

Executives today recognize that their firms face a wave of retirements over the next decade as the baby boomers hit retirement age. At the other end of the talent pipeline, the younger workforce is developing a different set of values and expectations, which creates new recruiting and employee retention issues. The evolution from an older, traditional, highly-experienced workforce to a younger, more mobile, employee base poses significant challenges, particularly when considered in the context of the long-term orientation towards downsizing and cost cutting.

Loaded with anecdotes and case examples, Lost Knowledge: Confronting the Threat of an Aging Workforce reveals how this hidden problem, which threatens virtually all industrialized nations, is becoming extremely serious for many organizations. This solution-oriented work provides a comprehensive framework to help managers improve the retention of vital knowledge both from older workers who retire and mid-career employees who leave unexpectedly. Lost Knowledge delivers a detailed action plan to guide leaders in addressing the interdependent challenges of increased retirements, more competitive recruiting, and greater demands for employee retention that will be a key to success in the years ahead.

"Raises the intriguing question: Are companies ready to deal with the loss of intellectual capital that comes from workers' retirement?"--The New York Times

For more information on Lost Knowledge: Confronting the Threat of an Aging Workforce or to purchase from The SHRMStore, click here.

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