Executive Book Club: April 2012

17 Rules for Developing and Keeping Devoted Employees is a must read on how to foster commitment, respect, trust, honesty, fun and above all performance.

Why people choose to work for you and why they stay. It’s not about money, not even now. Don’t just demand alignment: nurture it: Create powerful opportunities for employees to link with vision, values, and mission. Applaud effort, but reward contribution, recognize the crucial difference between behavior and outcomes. 

17 Rules for Developing and Keeping Devoted Employees features new case studies from retail, healthcare, high-tech, low-tech, and beyond, by David Russo, one of the world’s leading experts in workforce optimization. This book is about developing outstanding employees and getting them to stay. It’s about building a workforce that’s truly engaged, committed, aligned with strategy, and capable of incredible performance. Simply put, it’s about optimizing the #1 factor associated with outsmarting, outhustling, and out executing your competition, your people. This easy read outlines exactly what great companies do differently when it comes to managing their people. And beyond this, how to apply those lessons in virtually every aspect of your organization: from resourcing and compensation to leadership development, culture, and beyond. Want people who care, engage, work hard, support your strategies, and deliver results? Start right here!

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